We ARE the process and design experts for labor-intensive operations.  We draw from and coalesce multiple disciplines and problem-solving methods to deliver superior solutions that will transform your operations to world-class and deliver true value to your customers.

Achieving a minimum 30-40% improvement with zero or nominal investment is within your reach.

We leverage the power of:  Lean, Theory of Constraints, Classical Industrial Engineering, Kepner-Tregoe, Operations Research, Systems Thinking, and Data Mining.

Combined with our 20+ years experience in design, analytics, systems, and operations management across multiple industries, we provide leading-edge, sustainable solutions that will elevate your operations' performance to the next level.

Packages on Shelves

Distribution Center / Warehouse

DC / Warehouse Design

DC Performance Improvement

Material Flow Analysis

Storage Capacity Optimization

Slotting Optimization

WMS Optimization

Labor Planning / Management

Work Standards

Pay-for-Performance Plans

On-Site Operational Assessment

3PL Selection & Evaluation

3PL Solutions, Budgeting, & Rate Strategies

Lean / Kaizen Workshop

Lean Training for Warehousing

Emerging Technology Assessment

Project Management


Packaging / Assembly Operations

Our experience has yielded productivity improvements of 50-100% simply by re-designing how work is performed and how materials flow.  Light assembly, secondary packaging, kitting, food processing, and so on...by applying Lean thinking and principles as well as the Five Focusing Steps of the Theory of Constraints, we can help your operations achieve and sustain improvements in productivity, quality, and delivery that were never thought achievable.  Add in a well-designed pay-for-performance plan and watch performance increase even further (not to mention higher employee retention rates!).

If your goal is get more from your operations but there's no appetite for investing in automation and/or technology, we can help.

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Data Mining

We can transform your data into meaningful insight that you can action into better business decisions.  We dive deep to understand what's happening below the surface and then present it in way that connects these discoveries to improving your business.

Whether it be customer orders, inventory transactions, retail point-of-sale transactions, call center inquiries, asset moves, or any other large transnational data set, we apply sophisticated data mining techniques (such as market basket analysis) to unleash the full view of what is occurring in your business.



Lean is by far the most powerful business management system that the world has ever seen.  When Lean principles and thinking permeate every aspect of an organization, incredible levels of sustained performance are achieved.  No other system gives an organization or operation such a competitive advantage.

Regardless of the industry or market in which you operate, or the size of your operation, Lean can make a significant difference in helping you achieve the trifecta of superior performance: low cost, high quality, and short lead time. And the best result: highly engaged, high-performing employees.

Our years of experience can help you embark on your Lean journey by coaching and guiding your through the critical aspects of Lean such as genchi genbutsu, standard work, one piece flow, jidoka, visual management, daily management system, mura/muda/muri, and employee development.


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